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Ripper Adult Services

We easily have the best adult services in Australia, we pride ourselves on creating an environment that regardless what your needs are we perform the services to suite. We love hearing your stories and letting you know that they are normal. We do not judge and know you will be thrilled everyday of the week.

It is easy just to sit back watch and enjoy our services, but our girls take great pleasure in seeing you turned on and feeling you, touching you and have you as engaged as possible.

If you love being free and wild!!!!! Then our services are for you whether it be high end escorts or low end cheap girls.

We want you NOW!!!

There is nothing more annoying than your paid sex worker giving you the vibe that he or she is just that into you. Our girls love attention and are trained to make you feel like the luckiest man on earth we literally are here to please you and make you feel special. Feeling special can be the difference between a good experience and a terrible experience we are all about making you feel great. Sex can be expensive and if your paying anyways it might as well be for high quality.

We know that your time is pescious and we guarantee we are not making big claims and not backing them all up.